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Tile Painter

- Introduction -

  Hartwigs Tile Painter Screen Snapshot
640x444 Pixel, ca. 85kB
"Hartwigs Tile Painter" is a simple graphics tool for creating and painting "tiled" pictures, which can be used for styling backgrounds ("wallpapers") or for e.g. JavaScript animated picture sequences on your web pages or for small pixmaps in buttons or else.
  The tile will be single saved and loaded from/to normal image files, but showed and painted in its multiple copies filling the painting window on screen.

  Hartwigs Tile Painter Screen Snapshot
640x472 Pixel, ca. 97kB
So the tile seems like a torus: left and right, resp. top and buttom borders are identified and a paint brush e.g. outrunning the borders of a tile continues its normally painting on the screen, but in its next copy on the screen and on the opposite side of the single tile.

  In this way your painting takes place in all of the screen filling copies of the original tile, and you can see the effect you have, when the tile rapport will combine the full background.
  Vice versa it provides some facilities to produce many different collections of little tiles from a larger image by dividing it into e.g. transparent overlapping pieces e.g. with borders like a jigsaw puzzle, which can be used in "Hartwigs Jigsaw Puzzle", available for free download at the same web site.
  Hartwigs Tile Painter Features Some features of "Hartwigs Tile Painter":
  • Create your own background tiles and button pixmaps or desktop wallpapers in many usable sizes and image formats as JPEG, PNG, XPM, XBM and more and convert between them
  • variable and changeble size of the tiles
  • use tricky possibilities for creating iterated patterns in bars or lines etc. by clever applicate the resizing function
  • zoom function for painting bit for bit
  • compose image sequences for animation with JavaScript (see left example and line below in your browser, if JavaScript is enabled)
  • paint or convert transparent PNGs for your web site (look example tux.png at the top right corner above)
  • divide large images in many smaller tiles, eventually transparent overlapping tiles or in a border style like jigsaw puzzle pieces for "Hartwigs Jigsaw Puzzle"
  • if you are a textil fashioner, draft new patterns for the next collections of cravats, handkerchiefs or skirts and more - many interessting application possibilities for industrial design are conceivable...
  • design mystic and nutty arts to impress your friends and buisness partners
Hartwigs Tile Painter Line Demo 

The Program is developed and runs sufficiently on an IBM Aptiva with 450MHz Intel Pentium III, 128MB RAM and nVidia Riva 128ZX shared 8MB graphics adapter under SuSE Linux 7.3 Professional (i386) with KDE2 and Troll Tech's Qt 2.3 and needs the according runtime environment.

It runs much more sufficiently on my new Fujitsu Siemens Pentium IV, 1300 MHz, Nvidia GeForce 2 MX 32MB AGP graphics, and especially the program loading and starting time is just hardly measurable.

A test on a 233MHz Cyrix MMX AT clone, 64 MB RAM and 4MB shared generic SVGA was not so enjoyable and it could be it is needed a system of middle graphics capability to have convenient usability. Optimisations are still in planning for a next version, please mail your experiences:


The package includes the binary for this environment, some samples and the sources and it may be possible to recompile them for another environment.
  Download and Installation

Before downloading the package please take a look in the README text for requirements and conditions you should follow to avoid some disappointments and mistakes.

Download by clicking here the package named tile-0.3.1.tar.gz (UNIX tar and gzip ca. 1.6MB).

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